April 24, 2024

Home Inspector Advisory Committee


On July 3, 2023, Governor Murphy signed into law P.L. 2023, c.93, which, among other things, requires sellers of real property located in New Jersey to make certain additional disclosures concerning flood risks on the “Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure Statement” (“Disclosure Statement”).

On December 21, 2023, the Division of Consumer Affairs (“Division”) published the amended version of the Disclosure Statement on its website which includes the new questions concerning flood risks required by the law. A copy of the amended Disclosure Statement is available here.

Answering these new questions concerning flood risks is mandatory under the law, as now codified in NJSA 56:8-19.2. Thus, effective March 20, 2024, all sellers of real property (including both residential and commercial property) must answer these questions (currently numbered 109-117 in the Disclosure Statement) before the purchaser becomes obligated under any contract for the purchase of the property. This is the case regardless of whether the remainder of the Disclosure Statement is being completed.

The Division expects to promulgate updated regulations in accordance with the law as well.

September 8, 2023

Home Inspection Advisory Committee


The Division of Consumer Affairs (Division) is warning all licensed professionals about individuals impersonating New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) investigators, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, DEA investigators, New Jersey Drug Control Unit investigators, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigators, and other law enforcement personnel, as part of an extortion scheme.

The impersonators are contacting licensees by telephone or letter, stating that they are the subject of an investigation. The callers are demanding money to clear up the matter, or threatening to revoke the individual’s license. Please be advised that the Division of Consumer Affairs will not contact licensees by telephone to discuss investigations or demand money.

Anyone receiving a telephone call from a person purporting to be any of the above mentioned individuals seeking money should refuse the demand. We encourage you to report the call to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at You may also report the call to the Division at

January 6, 2020

Home Inspection Advisory Committee

Continuing Education

Home Inspectors are obligated to complete 40 hours of continuing education (CE) credits to renew their license for the upcoming licensure period.  Administrative Order 2020-04 waived the requirement of in-person CE for compliance during the public health emergency with NJAC 13:40-15.14 so you are not currently required to complete the required courses in person. Of the required 40 units, three units must be on report writing, three units must be on ethics, and three units must be on the rules governing the practice of home inspection OR, beginning January 6, 2020, four units on report writing and four units on ethics and the rules governing the practice of home inspection in New Jersey. 

Any person receiving initial licensure as a home inspector in the second year of a biennial registration period shall complete a minimum of 20 continuing education credits before the end of the biennial registration period.

For the 2021-2023 renewal period only, a total of 40 credits can be obtained either virtually or in person with any variation of the required nine (9) credits or recently adopted mandatory eight (8) continuing education credits.