NJ-ALPHI New Certificate Retrieval System

Attention NJ-ALPHI Members,

NJ-ALPHI will be using Dropbox to hold and distribute our members’ certificates. Certificates will no longer be printed at the meetings. This will make it easier when signing out from the meetings and your certificates will be held for you to retrieve at your convenience. We are hoping to implement this for our October seminar. Please be sure NJ-ALPHI has your current email, if not please provide it to one of the members at the sign-in table. In order to access your Dropbox account an email will be sent to you from Dropbox. This email will have a link to your account so you can set your password and have access to your certificates. If you have any questions please talk to John Valentino 201-368-9040.

Thank you,

NJ-ALPHI board members