More about our September presentation:

More about our September presentation:

Speaker: Scot Alvik (Logologist)

Scott Alvik is the president and owner of Cabin Doctor, LLC. Scott has been involved in the log construction business since he built his own log home in 1998. 

“Learn the difference between ‘chinking’ and ‘caulking’ and where 
each should be applied and why.”

“What is “re-facing” on a log cabin and how can it affect the 
structural integrity?  Find out at the September meeting!”

Cabin Doctor works strictly on log homes, and as a fellow log homeowner, understands all aspects of wanting to restore and preserve your home and lifestyle. We have strived to serve the log home industry coming to specialize in the repair and restoration of older log homes.

We work strictly on log homes and have completed over 500 restorations to date. We do restorations, staining, additions, remodeling, consultations and log cabin inspections.

Cabin Doctor, LLC. is a privately held NJ LLC. Licensed and insured in the state of NJ as remodeling contractors.

Scot’s website: