Mr. Nelms is a graduate of Paris College and American Inspector’s Institute and well versed in all structural and mechanical aspects of construction. He is a veteran Home Inspector with twenty five years and over fifteen thound structures under his belt. He holds state licenses as a Home Inspector, Radon Measurement Technician, and Commercial Pesticide Applicator. He is a Certified Chimney Sweep/Inspector and has inspected well over twenty thousand chimneys to date. The hats Mr. Nelms has worn ranging from Construction Supervisor to City Building Inspector, give him a wealth of knowledge rarely equaled. His reputation precedes him and is often called upon as an expert witness when construction or inspection aspects are questioned in a court of law. He often lends his voice to a myriad of public speaking engagements, where he is a guest speaker on a number of topics in his varied field. This love of imparting knowledge was a naural segue into his becoming an instructor for the state required curriculum of Home INspector Licensing at an accredited institution. Currently, Mr. Nelms has expanded his teaching to New Jersey’s “at risk youth” and has become a vocational instructor for the Civic Justic Corps {CJC} project of the Jewish Renaissance Foundation {JRF}. Here he teaches the National Center for Construction Education and Research {NCCER} curriclum. It is rewarding for him to work with “at risk youths”, allowing them to help themselves by obtaining employable skills. Mr. Nelms feels these skills build self confidence propelling the students to be their best, most productive selves and members of society. If you ask Mr. Nelms, he will tell you his greatest accomplishment by far is the on-going work of his twenty-nine year marriage, and the task of raising his children, the future leaders of America.

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