Annual Radon Webinar Free to active NJ-Alphi Members!!!

This year, the radon webinar will be free to all paid up NJ Alphi members. Dues must me paid prior to the webinar, (and not the night before), which will be the first week of March. If you have not yet paid your dues, do it now!!


The Radon Webinar is usually 100.00, this year its FREE!! However, you must be a paid up member of NJ Alphi in order to attend and get your NJ Certs and Radon Certs. That is a good enough reason to pay your dues prior to the Radon Seminar.


Other benefits of being an Alphi Member include:


Free online continuing education and certificates with your membership!


An NJ-ALPHI membership exclusive includes an updated Pre-Inspection Agreement template to use or compare with existing agreements.


A Member’s business is listed on the NJ-ALPHI website.


NJ-ALPHI publishes an electronic newsletter and bulletins keeping you informed about upcoming events, online training, services advertised and provided by our affiliate’s, and articles related to our profession.


NJ-ALPHI proactively participates in the state Home Inspection Advisory Committee meetings bringing its membership the latest information on regulations.



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