ALERT!! Home Inspector License Renewal

Notice from the state HIAC  –  Home Inspector license renewal notices for the period May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2021 are being prepared and will be mailed shortly. Once the Question Response Summary is answered, your current errors and omissions policy uploaded and your fee of $500.00 is paid, your license will not be not automatically sent until your renewal package is reviewed by the Board staff and validated. Once complete, your new license will be sent to you in approximately 14 days FROM THE DATE THE INFORMATION IS VALIDATED. There are approximately 1000 licensed home inspectors in NJ and each license renewal must be reviewed individually, so this process may take several weeks. Please be patient and we will work diligently to have your licensed renewed as quickly as possible. Please do not wait until your license is set to expire to renew, as this will only delay the process.  Please renew as soon as possible.



Please visit the state site:



Do not reply to this email.