2022 Membership Renewal

It’s that time of year again folks, time to renew you NJ Alphi Membership.

  • NJ-ALPHI offers free online continuing education and certificates with your membership!
  • An NJ-ALPHI membership exclusive includes an updated Pre-Inspection Agreement template to use or compare with existing agreements.
  • A Member’s business is listed on the NJ-ALPHI website.
  • NJ-ALPHI publishes an electronic newsletter and bulletins keeping you informed about

    upcoming events, online training, services advertised and provided by our affiliates and

    articles related to our profession.

  • NJ-ALPHI proactively participates in the state Home Inspection Advisory Committee

    meetings bringing its membership the latest information on regulations.

    Last, but not least, NJ-ALPHI will continue online education classes through this pandemic, and when it is under control will re-start our in-person seminars and continue our online classes.


Please continue to practice safe inspections.

Do not reply to this email, if you need more info, contact, w.ratti@verizon.net

Please go to: 2022 Membership Form