November Alphi Meeting

The next regular meeting for Alphi is Tuesday, November 7th at 6pm at Pantagis in Scotch Plains.

Topic of meeting will be:

Inspector Safety, 2 CEU’s
Flak Jacket and Inspections 1 CEU

presented by Dave Goldstein


Please remember to renew your membership. Dues is due by year’s end. Although costs for meetings and seminars have risen, we have kept the annual dues at $100.00, however, those 2017 members paying after Feb. 1st will be assessed and additional $25.00. Click the link below for 2018 membership application.

2018 Official Membership Application


A new website is underway and we hope for a launch at the beginning of 2018. Any ideas or suggestions for improvement will be appreciated.


Do not reply to this email, this mailbox is not monitored. Any comments, please send to:


See you next Tuesday!

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