NJ-Alphi Offers a Free Helping Hand to Returning Vets

The New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors (NJ-ALPHI) Offers Returning Veterans a Free Helping Hand.

Returning veterans who are aspiring to become or are licensed NJ Home Inspectors qualify for the new NJ-ALPHI program “Returning Veterans Education and Training for Success” (RVETS).

The “RVETS” Program provides a two (2) year free membership to NJ-ALPHI, inclusive of free Continuing Education Units during that time and all the rights and privileges associated with membership. This represents a considerable cost savings to the participants.

This program was designed by NJ-ALPHI to give back to our Veterans by eliminating some of the costs involved in becoming a Home Inspector as well as the costs of maintaining a home inspection license in good standing. The RVETS program also provides the added benefit of accompanying seasoned NJ-ALPHI inspectors on their inspections for no cost. This additional on the job training is above and beyond the training and education provided by the Home Inspection schools.

The RVETS program members will also have an additional advantage of obtaining ongoing guidance during the two year free membership from NJ-ALPHI’s highly experienced membership roster, also at no additional charge. RVETS provides a unique advantage for our Veterans who make home inspection a career choice. In developing the RVETS program, NJ-ALPHI has positioned itself as a one of a kind Home Inspection professional organization that truly goes the extra mile and then some for the benefit of those who have served our country.

Returning Veterans will be responsible for the cost of classroom schooling and obtaining financial aid and should contact State or Federal Agencies for any programs available.

The New Jersey Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors was formed to create an inclusive, broad based association of all stakeholders in the home inspection profession, including all licensed home inspectors, students, trainees, non inspector staff of home inspection companies, and companies affiliated with the home inspection profession. NJ-ALPHI welcomes all who are involved in the home inspection industry to participate in our association.


Frank Vodraska/Public Relations





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