October Seminar

The October Seminar “Oil Heating Appliance Seminar for Home Inspectors” will be held October 6th. Speaker will be Ralph Adams. Seminar sponsored by Fuel Merchant’s Association. Click link for application.

June Seminar – June 2nd

Water Seepage, Grading, Structure Damage. Presented by Dennis Schoenrock and Aging Process of a Home. Presented by Joe DiPompeo.   Sign in begins at 8am, seminar hours 9am to 4pm. Includes buffet lunch.   NJ-Alphi and Coalition members

Re: HIAC Website

There seems to be some question re: HIAC website re: the CEU’s. If  anyone has questions, you should contact the HIAC directly.

CEU Breakdown

Sorry folks, please disregard previous email re: CEU’s, use this one. You may want to gather up your certificates and match them to this sheet. RevALPHIWaynePost60equals34-9-7-10 Sheet1   Questions? Please