Here We Go Again, Proposed Energy Audit Bill


Here we go again, the Assembly re-introduced a bill to require all licensed home inspectors in NJ to do energy audits with every home inspection, that would mean more education for HI’s, significant expenses for both the HI and the client. The energy providers in NJ now do home energy audits. ¬†There are already plenty of companies that do energy audits. The potential exists that these companies will see significant drops in business if HI’s have to take on this additional responsibility. This will also add extra time to a normal home inspection. The costs for an energy audit typically run from 300-500. ¬†Imagine telling your client the home inspection is 1000!?!?! There are many inspectors that will simply give up and leave our profession rather than do the audit. Plus, getting credited from the state will cost the inspector even more dollars.

We have to fight this bill tooth and nail. Contact your legislators and voice your opposition to this intrusive bill.

We hope to have a petition at the next Alphi meeting on May 3 for signatures.


Here’s a link to this bill.


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