Our new website is live, including your member page

Dear NJ – Alphi Member. Our new website  is live, including your member page! Please let our friend Shawn over at Kinetic Knowledge (  shawn@kineticknowledge.com ) know what primary county and up to 3 other counties you work in and we’ll set those up for the site’s member search  engine. Otherwise please note, we’ll default […]

Website Search Engine Optimization

In order to optimize our website search engine, and make it easier for our potential clients to find an inspector in the area they are buying in, NJ-Alphi inspectors will be able to choose 4 counties on their member page.   Please contact Chris at: chris@kineticknowledge.com or Shawn at: shawn@kineticknowledge.com and let them know which […]

Notice of June Seminar – Reminder

NJ Alphi will hold a Fuel Merchants Seminar on June 6th. “OIL HEATING APPLIANCE SEMINAR FOR  HOME INSPECTORS” Follow link below to access application for the seminar.   june2017seminarapp     Do Not Reply to this Email, any questions contact w.ratti@verizon.net  

Notice of Regular Alphi Meeting, Tuesday, May 2nd, 6pm

Regular meeting will be held at Pantagis on Tuesday, May 2nd at 6pm. Topics will be: 1 hr. report writing 2 hrs on general Title :  Mobile Home Inspections Speaker:  Marc  Abramson   Directions to Pantagis:   FROM SOUTH OR SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY G.S. Parkway north to exit 135 (Clark Twp) Follow signs to Westfield Central […]

Meeting Schedule for 2017, Dues Reminder

  Meeting Schedule for 2017 Regular meetings will be held in February, May, September and November, starting at 6pm. Seminars will be held in March, June and October starting at 8am. 2017-official-membership-application Dues for 2017 ($100.00) is due by year’s end, the grace period ends Jan. 31st. Renewals received after Feb. 1st will be $125.00. […]

Round of HIAC audits – Be Prepared

An audit is underway. Be prepared, have your CEU’s on hand in case you are audited. ALL RENEWALS NEED 40 APPROVED C.E.U’S. ONLY 20 C.E.U’S. CAN BE FROM ONLINE SOURCES. 3 C.E.U’S MUST BE ON NJ RULES AND REGS., REPORT WRITING, AND INSPECTION LAW.   If an ALPHI member attends our meetings and seminars, you […]